Steering Column Repair & Replacement Costs 2018


Steering wheel repair cost runs from about $500 to $1,500 depending on the make, model, and year of your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace a Steering Column?

Auto shops that you take your car to will be the main factor in how much replacing the steering column will cost you. Plus, the model and make of your car will also be a factor of the cost. You may be expected to pay between $500 to $1500 for a full replacement at many auto shops. In order to save a bit of money, you could do it on your own and save money on labor costs. You may even purchase the steering column that has been used for under $90. If you are wanting a new one, then you may pay over $300. The model and make of your car will affect the price.

If you are able to scrap your steering column and then replace only a few parts, then you can pay between $125 to $350. The steering column designs will be different because each model and make will have a unique design. If your steering column takes a bit to disassemble, then the labor will cost more money. Most auto shops will charge about $60 or more per hour and that adds up fast.

If you are still wanting to use an auto shop, then do price checking with several shops near where you live. You can try to get an estimate by phone, but most will want to take a look at the car for themselves. Also, you need to remember that there are some dealerships that do auto work too. However, a private auto shop will be less expensive than a dealership.

Loose Steering Wheel Repair Cost

If your steering wheel feels loose it affects your sense of safety as you drive.  If your wheel has excessive “play” or moves more than it normally would you should get it checked out.  It can be especially dangerous if you drive winding roads or in heavy traffic because it’s harder to tell which way the front wheels are pointing.

The cost for loose steering wheel repair depends on what’s wrong.  It could be something that can just be tightened or it may be a worn pitman arm, ball joint, or tie rod.  All of these conditions will affect the feel of your vehicle’s steering.

How Long Does It Take To Replace A Steering Column?

The steering wheel on your car is the main part to moving into a parking space, on the road, and much more. But, it doesn’t do it on its own. There are many parts within a steering system. Your steering column will be a big part and it is more than just a bunch of plastic pieces used to protect the shaft.

The steering column will include many components. It has a mounting location for the steering wheel, as well as a universal joint which lets you turn the wheel in any direction. The column is attached to an intermediate shaft which is a series of tight fitting splines that keep the column attached. This means that when you turn the wheel, your steering column turns which turns the shaft and then activates the steering gear to turn your wheels.

Other parts in your steering column may include the telescope and tilt mechanisms that lets you adjust the steering wheel to a position you prefer, as well as houses the ignition. It is a big part of your car. You use your steering column every time that your car is drove, but it isn’t subjected to the same type of wear that other parts are.

The steering column is supposed to last as long as your car does. Since that has been stated, if you happen to drive a lot, especially on a curvy road, then you will have more wear on your steering column than a person who hardly drives or just drives on a major interstate.

Steering Column Purpose & Accessories

All cars have steering columns which controls how the car steers as well as other things. Located on the steering column, you will find the ignition switch, windshield wipers, and turn signals. Many new cars will also have a gear selector and cruise control option. Whenever you look at the steering column you will just see the controls and knobs for these features. Most of the assemblies for these features are located under the dashboard on the driver’s side. The assembly will be connected to the where the engine is located under the dashboard on the passenger side. The chassis will contain all the steering parts which will be connected to the steering column through a solid tube made of steel and some universal joints.

The steering column will give the drive many steering options like swing away steering, tilt steering, and telescopic steering. The steering column was improved starting in the 1950s which was considered as the golden age for vehicles in the USA. It was by the 1960s that the steering column become a major part for cars and it was more than just a feature that was used for steering the car. The steering column is what allowed drivers to get in and out of the car by moving out of the way. Other options such as tilt steering and telescopic steering were introduced by the middle of the 1950s.

Bad Steering Column Problems & Symptoms

A very common issue with a steering column other than damage on the plastic cladding will be wear on the universal joint which could cause it to bind. This means that it gets really hard to turn your steering wheel, and you may not get a full range of motion. The splines that are connecting the intermediate shaft to the steering column will wear which causes a really loose feeling in the steering wheel.

Seeing how important a steering column is, it is really important to know a few symptoms that your steering column is having issues. These include:

  • Turning the wheel causes a creaking or squealing noise.
  • You hear a clunking whenever you turn the wheel.
  • The steering feels really loose.
  • The steering wheel begins to bind during a turn.
  • The steering wheel doesn’t turn as far as it should be.

If you are having these issues, then it may be best to look into replacing your steering column. You should have a certified mechanic check out your steering column and other parts on your car to see what type of repairs will need to be made.

Impact Auto Body Offers Professional Auto Body Repair In Mesa, Arizona

If you need your bumper repaired or replaced in Mesa, Arizona, Impact Auto Body can help with our collision repair services. Get a free bumper repair estimate by contacting Impact Auto Body today.

What Does It Cost To Repair An Axle?


The average to repair a front axle is $550 dollars.  Rear axle repair costs run a little higher and average about $799 dollars.  Your axle repair cost will depend on the type of vehicle, make and model of vehicle you drive.

Bent or Broken Axle Repair Costs

In most cases when you get a bent axle the only way to repair it, is to replace it.  These costs include both the parts and labor but do not include fees and taxes associated with the state or county you live in.  The cost to repair the front axle differs from the rear axle.  Read about the cost to repair each below.

Front Axle Repair Costs

The cost to repair an axle runs between about $500 and $600 dollars before taxes and fees.  Costs vary depending the type of vehicle, brand, make, and model.  Labor costs vary from between about $50 dollars and $140 depending on how long the job takes for a model of vehicle.

Rear Axle Repair Costs

The cost of parts to repair an axle make up the majority of the cost and run from about $430 to $480 dollars.  Labor on a rear axle repair is usually around $50 to $70.

Can A Bent Axle Be Repaired?

In most cases a bent axle cannot be repaired and must be replaced.  A bad axle will lead to other damage to your vehicle down the line.  So it’s critical that the axle be in great condition to avoid other costly repairs.

Bent Axle Symptoms

Cars with good axles run silent and smooth.  Where as a vehicle with a bent or broken axle will be unstable, noisy, leak, and cause vibration in the vehicle and steering wheel.  Each of these symptoms is a reason to get your vehicle checked out.

Unstable Driving

If your axle shaft is bent it will ruin the alignment of your vehicle.  When this happens your vehicle will pull to one side and/or wobble. It can be hard to spot bad wheel alignment while you are driving.  To check for this it helps to have a friend drive behind you and look for wobble in your wheels or way your car is moving.

Noisy While Driving

Hearing noises such as clunking or clicking while driving are symptoms that you might have problems with your axles.  This is due to friction with other parts in the vehicle and should be paid attention to and checked out by a professional.

Grease Leaks

If you find signs of grease leaking around your tires it’s a sign that a CV joint may have failed.  The CV joints are at the ends near the wheels and if they crack they will leak grease down around the wheels.  This is a clear sign that service and repair is needed on your vehicle.

Vibration During Driving

If you feel vibration in the vehicle or especially the steering wheel it’s a good sign you’ve got a bent axle, wheel, or your alignment is off.  Vibration might seem like a minor inconvenience but can lead to additional damage and more costly repair of your vehicle.   If you’ve been in an accident or hit a deep pothole and now your vehicle is vibrating while you drive, get it in for service.

Is It Safe To Drive With A Bent Axle?

The axles in your vehicle, both front and rear, are absolutely essentially to the proper functioning of your vehicle.  They, along with the transmission, take the power from the engine and transfer it to the wheels.  They are built to last but can be bent or broken if you run over a curb, hit a pothole at high speeds, or are involved in an auto collision.  Whether you can drive with a bent axle depends on the following.

Severely Bent Axles

You cannot drive on an axle that’s bent more than a quarter inch.  It will need to be towed and have the axle replaced before you can safely drive on it.  Axles that are bent badly will quickly damage CV joints and can cause damage to bearings, wheel hubs, and other powertrain components.

Slightly Bent Axles

If the axle is only bent slightly you can drive on it for a short time.  You will experience rough turning and vibration while driving.  If left too long it will damage hubs, bearings, and CV joints.  If you’re feeling a lot of vibration after an accident it’s important to get your vehicle into a collision repair center.

Schedule Axle Repair Service

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Bumper Repair Cost 2018


If you’ve had a fender bender you’re likely searching for bumper repair cost. A lot of vehicle owners are shocked at the cost of bumper repairs.  This is due to most motorists not knowing about advancements in vehicle production and the cost of modern materials. In the earliest cars, bumpers were a feature simply bolted to the frame with a few bolts, often made from metal or wood to take the blow from bumping into objects. This made them much easier and cheap to replace or remove for repairs.

In recent decades, technology has advanced and this has increased the complexity of bumpers as well. Today, bumpers are more than a piece to protect the body of a vehicle from being damaged when the driver bumps objects, there are integrated components which offer higher performance functions to protect the driver. Because of this, the cost of bumper repairs has went up, to better understand the repair costs, a person first needs to have an understanding of what modern bumpers do, and what is involved when removing or replacing a bumper.

Bumper Repair Cost

When it comes to a collision, even at low speeds, it is common for a part to be damaged beyond being repaired. When this happens, the only option may be simply replacing this part. The average cost of a replacement bumper is $300 to $700. If you’re vehicle has sensors, cameras, lights, or other parts that have been damaged, expect the price of repair to increase. With modern vehicles it is easy to end up with a $1,000 or higher bill for bumper repairs.

So, How Much Does Bumper Repair Cost Total?

Bumper repair costs in 2018 were around $935-$1580 putting the average bumper repair cost at $1,257.

  • Time and Labor: 2 to 3 hours at $100/hr equals $200 to $300
  • Painting Labor: 3 to 4 hours at $100/hr equals $300 to $400
  • Materials: 3 to 4 hours at $45/hr equals $135 to $180
  • Parts: averaging $300 to $700

Total Costs: $1,257

Time and Labor

When it comes to removal and installation of a car bumper, for replacement or repairs, this is not a simple task on newer vehicles and requires much more than a few bolts be taken off. Bumpers now have various connections that alert vehicle systems of different things, and all these will require disconnecting prior to removing the bumper. Because some of the systems are designed to integrate directly into a bumper, some of them may take longer to disconnect properly.

Bumper Repairs May Include Accessories:

Many of today’s bumpers include safety systems, signal lights, and other critical components of your vehicle.  Depending on the level of damage or type of car you drive bumper repair may require the repair or replacement of some of these systems.

Warning Systems – These connections are more common on modern vehicles, and include backup cameras, sensors, land changing warning sensors, vehicle sensors, and other types of sensors depending on the make and model.

Lights – Bumpers can have many type of light connections, including turn signals, fog lights, and decorative lighting. When the wires are integrated into the bumper, these will have to be disconnected prior to replacing a bumper.

Airbag Sensors – With advance technology, airbag sensors have been integrated into bumpers for added safety. This is one connection that takes longer to disconnect, because no one wants the airbags to deploy by accident.

Trim – Modern bumpers commonly have different pieces of trim that will need to be carefully removed before removal of the bumper.

Air Intake – Although this is not a common feature, there are some makes and models that have cold-air intakes directly mounted on their front bumper.

Prior to beginning anything related to bumper repairs or replacements, all of these will need to be disconnected. This can take an average of 2 to 3 hours, sometimes longer and costs average $100/hour.

Bumper Paint Repair Cost

When it comes to repairs and replacements, painting is important as you want the bumper to match your vehicle. This stage will begin with any repairs that need to be done, including adding filler, plastic repair materials, or dent and crack repairs. At this stage the idea is to restore the damaged bumper so that it’s back to an original condition.

After being repaired, the bumper’s surface will be sanded down so that the paint will be able to adhere properly. At this point, any trim or cutouts that remain will be removed, allowing the painting to start.

When it comes to painting, the first step involves color matching. This is where the paint will be mixed to properly match the existing color, depending on the color of your vehicle this can increase the price even further. The next step is to apply a base coat, followed by the color coat (1+ applications), finishing with a clear coat. Every layer will require proper time to cure, if it is not properly cured the process will have to be started over.

The whole process for painting can range between 3 to 4 hours, or more. The average cost for labor cost for painting is $100/hour.

Materials for Painting

Just like anything, the materials for painting cost as well, including plastic repair material, body filler, masking tape and sand paper. Rather than the auto-body shop charging for each item used, keeping track of the exact amounts, etc. they often invoice these charges as a flat rate. This rate averages $45/hour, and specialized paints can greatly increase this.

Total Costs

After you have an understanding of all the things required just to remove the bumper, then add in the time of making repairs, painting, and cost materials it is easy to tell how quick the cost of a bumper repair can add up. However, it is still common for people to associate “bumper” with terms like, disposable and simple to replace, which is not true anymore.

A bumper repair can quickly increase in costs due to the necessary needs of mechanical labor, materials needed, and cost of any part replacements.

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Windshield Replacement FAQ

Here we answer the most common questions about windshield replacement.

What methods of payments can you accept for Windshield Replacements?

Impact Auto Body accepts all major credit cards, checks and cash.

What does my free windshield replacement quote include?

Your free windshield replacement quote always includes the cost of labor, windshield glass and state & local taxes. Any additional required moldings may be an extra charge. However, the windshield tech will let you know of any additional charges that may occur before starting the project.

Is my windshield repairable or does it have to be replaced?

Is the windshield chips or cracks are larger than a dollar bill, you will have to get your windshield replaced. Any cracks or chips smaller than a dollar bill are most likely repairable. Receive a free windshield quote to find out if your windshield is repairable by scheduling an appointment.

Can Impact Auto Body repair longer spider cracks in my windshield?

As we mentioned above, as longer as your windshield damage isn’t larger than a dollar bill, we can repair it.

How does the windshield replacement process work?

Windshield repair or replacement involves treating the damage with special tools and resin material to seal the crack or chip.

How long will it take to repair or replace my windshield?

In most cases, a windshield repair can be done in about 30 minutes. Windshield replacements usually take around 60 minutes.

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Impact was recommended to me by a friend in the auto business when I scuffed the front of my brand new Mazda CX-5. They did a great job on the repair, and had it ready for me ahead of schedule. Th… Read More
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Windshield Replacement Benefits

If you are looking for Windshield Replacement Benefits, this post should help!

Windshield Replacement Benefits

Every now and then your windshield will receive damage from pebbles, stones and any other materials flying around on the roads. Trained windshield repair technicians usually only take about 30 minutes to repair a windshield. However, if your windshield is beyond repair, windshield replacement is needed. Learn more about the benefits of windshield replacement below.

Cheap Windshield Replacement

Most insurance companies in Mesa, Arizona offer free windshield replacement as long as you have auto glass or windshield coverage. This keeps you from having to pay 100’s of dollars to get your windshield replacement. Furthermore, most auto glass companies offer affordable windshield replacement services so your replacement shouldn’t cost you too much money either way.

Keeps You Safe

Your windshield is the #1 thing sitting in between you and the road. If you have large chips or cracks in your windshield, you are putting yourself in danger. The integrity of your windshield is compromised and you should have it repaired or replaced right away to avoid danger. The integrity of your windshield is important to your safety and the safety of other drivers.

See The Road Better

A cracked or chipped windshield can create visibility problems. This means that you may no be able to see the road adequately. Drivers need to have a clear view of the road to avoid potential accidents.

Creates A Better Seal

A cracked windshield can allow moisture and heat to makes its way inside your vehicle. In Arizona this can be a problem due to the extreme heat. This can cause your air conditioner to have to work harder to keep your car cool.

Keeps You Legal

Did you know that it is actually illegal to drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona. Doing so could get you a ticket. The last thing you want to do is to get pulled over because of your windshield. Then you still have to get it replaced and pay a ticket. Keep you and your car legal by getting your cracked or chipped windshield replaced right away to avoid getting a windshield ticket.

Schedule Windshield Replacement or Repair In Mesa, Arizona 

Windshield Replacement Mesa, Arizona - Before & After Photo

It’s been a couple of months since Impact Auto Body fixed the bumper and tow hitch on my Toyota 4-Runner. but I can tell you that their outstanding service left such a great impression on me that I have no hesitation giving them a 5-star rating, even after several weeks have passed since they completed the repairs.. From the time I made the initial phone call, to the time I walked into their door and all the way up to the time I picked up my vehicle, I was treated with unparalleled customer service. As they began to work on my vehicle, I was engaged the entire time with prompt and detailed explanations. Their attention to detail was outstanding. Now every time I walk up to my vehicle and see the great job they did, I’m reminded of how fortunate I was to find this place. Thank you Impact Auto Body!
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Types Of Windshield Cracks & Chips That Are Repairable


Not all windshield chips and cracks are created equal. Depending on how large your chip or crack is, it may not be repairable. We put together a diagram that should give you an idea of what types of chips and cracks are repairing and which ones are not.

How To Know If Your Chip Or Crack Is Repairable

You know your windshield chip or crack is repairable when:

  • The windshield chip or crack can fit inside a dollar bill
  • Your have less than 3 chips
  • The damage is not located near the windshield’s edge
  • The chip or crack isn’t in your direct line of sight
  • The chip or crack is not located near the sensor or camera in the windshield

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This place is amazing! I am very satisfied with the courtesy of this auto body shop! I went in to get an estimate for my door, with no charge the gentleman got a tool and fixed it right there and there! Th… Read More

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Chrysler Certified Body Shop & Collision Collision Repair Mesa


Are you searching for “Chrysler Collision Repair” or Chrysler Certified Body Shop” in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe or Chandler, Arizona, while looking for collision repair facilities? If so, Impact Auto Body can help!

Impact Auto Body is a family owned and operated FCA Certified Chrysler Collision Repair facility in Mesa, Arizona. Give us a call today at (480) 325-5035!

Read more about our services below or use the links below to jump to the section of this page that you are interested in.

Chrysler Collision Repair & Parts


Chyrsler Certified OEM Collision Repair Parts Mesa

No matter where the road might take you, you have the choice to be safe no matter what. We only use certified collision repair parts that are manufactured, designed, and engineered exclusively for Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep & FIAT vehicles – so your vehicle can function and look as it should.

  • The parts will install with a good-as-new fit
  • Parts are tested to keep you safe
  • The utilize the same paint, coatings and materials to match your vehicle’s finish
  • Parts maintain the same amount of protection from corrosion and durability as your vehicle did when it was brand new
  • They help keep your automobile’s resale value after an accident

Learn About Mopar Auto Body Repair


Watch the video below to learn about how Mopar Certified Repair Parts provide peace of mind for your driving.

Right To Request

Types Of Chyrsler Collision Damage We Repair


Below we list a few of the different types of Chrysler collision damage we repair.

Collision Damage


Auto collision happen, it’s just a fact of life. It doesn’t matter whether it was mechanical or driver failure, even a auto collision at low speeds can cause pretty significant damage. Built in crumple zones on your car are mostly the culprit for so much damage at low speeds, but these safety features help protect you from being injured.

Collision damage can happen to your body panels, brakes, steering and many of parts of your vehicle. Plus, your frame or anybody can become bent, which creates a whole new load of safety issues. Although, modern body shops like Impact Auto Body has the right tools and technology to get your frame straightened, parts replaced and body repaired to get your back out on the road.

Weather Damage


For Mesa, Arizona and the rest of the Phoenix Valley, we all know that dust and sun are a very big problem when it comes to damage on your automobile. The constant dust and harsh sun can damage paint very quickly. Although, this is a problem that is fixable. Damaged paint can be repaired by sanding and repainting. In the most extreme cases, the affected section can actually be replaced and painted to match color.

Dings & Dents


The most common cause of dings and dents are shopping cars and car doors opening. In either case, these dings and dents can be repaired. From large to small dents, nothing is too big for Impact Auto Body. In the most extreme cases, an entire panel might need to be replaced.

Paint Scratches


Paint scratches are very common. Some small scratches can actually be taken care of yourself. However, if you have an extra large scratch, that might require the help of a professional such as Impact Auto Body.

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Purchased a 2010 Silverado, ad stated clean title, never mentioned anything less other than needing door and airbag repair. Title got rejected from the State because it was in fact considered a ‘salvage’ title…had I known that, I never would have purchased the vehicle.
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Certified Chrysler Body Shop


We are a certified Chrysler body shop offering collision repair services on Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT.


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Ram Certified Collision Repair Mesa

Ram Certified Collision Repair Mesa

Welcome to Impact Auto Body! We are a family owned and operated FCA  “Ram Certified Collision Repair” facility in Mesa, Arizona.

No matter where the road takes you, you have the right to be safe no matter what. We only use parts that are designed, tested, and engineered exclusively for Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep & FIAT vehicles – so your automobile can perform and look as it should.

You will see the difference when choosing Authentic Mopar Collision Repair Parts!


  • The will install with a good-as-new fit
  • They are tested to ensure your safety
  • The utilize the same coatings, paints, and materials to match your vehicle’s finish
  • The maintain the same amount of corrosion protection and durability as your automobile did when it was new
  • They help keep your vehicle’s value after an accident

Learn About Mopar Collision Repair Parts!


Watch the video below to learn about how Mopar Collision Repair Parts provide peace of mind for your driving.

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To schedule your collision repair, give us a call today at (480) 325-5035 or stop by our Ram Certified Collision Repair Facility In Mesa, Arizona. Wondering about the cost of auto body repairs. View the average cost of auto body repairs in 2016.

Dodge Certified Collision Shop Mesa


If you are looking for a Dodge Certified Shop near you, you came to the right place! Welcome To Impact Auto Body. We are a Family Owned & Operated Dodge Certified Collision Repair shop in Mesa, AZ.

We only use Dodge OEM parts for all of the certified body repair services we perform on Dodge vehicles. Give us a call at 480-325-5035 to schedule your collision repair.

Dodge Certified Body Shop Mesa - Certification Letter

Don’t just take your Dodge car or truck to any auto body repair shop! Instead, why not choose a collision repair facility who is FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) certified and is recognized by Dodge to perform your accident repairs. Also we will only Dodge OEM parts, equipment, and tools to repair your Dodge vehicle. Never sacrifice the integrity or quality of your vehicle just to save a few $$$ on repairs!

Dodge Certified Collision Repair Shop


To be certified by Dodge, each body shop must complete Dodge-specific training through the FCA, and also are required to stay up to date on on-going training as it becomes available.

Also, make sure and choose a Dodge body shop with plenty of reviews so you can get an idea of the quality of service they provide. Impact Auto Body has over 250+ reviews since starting business in 1981!

Read Our 5 Star Collision Repair Reviews


Read More 5 Star Collision Repair Reviews about Impact Auto Body.

What Our Customers Are Saying


This is our third time using Impact Auto and once again the results are fantastic. We will use them again if needed and i would highly recommend them to friends. For those wondering- only one was our fa… Read More

Dodge Certified Mechanics

Our Dodge Certified Collision Mechanics take part in on-going training and certification courses to stay up to date all Dodge manufacturer requirements.

Be careful when other collision shops in Mesa say they are “Dodge Certified”, not every shop has the ability to become certified, and there are strict guidelines to adhere to. Also, not only are there strict guidelines to follow, but in order for a body shop to be manufacturer certified they must purchase all necessary parts, tools and equipment from the Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM).

Want to learn more about Dodge’s Certified collision repair network? Click here to learn more:

We certainly hope that you don’t get into a collision in Mesa, but rest assured, that if you do, we will make sure your Dodge car or truck will be in as good of shape as the day you drove it off the lot!

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For more information or to schedule a free estimate, please call 480-325-5035 or fill out our short contact form!

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Auto Body Repair Costs 2017 Guide


Are you searching for “Auto Body Repair Costs” for 2016-2017 averages? If so, this 2017 auto body repair guide for should help you figure out how much your collision repair might cost you. Let’s take a look at the average collision repair costs for 2017.

Average Auto Body Repair Costs In 2017

Auto Body Repair Cost 2018

On the off chance that you’ve dented your bumper, grew gouging paint scratches or generally harmed your vehicle, you might be shocked to find that the cost to repair auto body costs can extend between $50 to $1,500, and the sky is the limit from there.

Vehicles today are lighter, more secure and show signs of improving gas mileage. Nonetheless, more up to date fabricating innovation additionally makes auto body repairs significantly costlier.

Look at five normal situations that prompt to auto body repairs and know the auto protection coverage you ought to have set up before they happen.

1. Dinged Bumper Repair Costs

Dinged Bumper Repair Cost: $450 – $900

You’re gradually hauling out of your parking spot at the rec center when you learn that what you believed was a puddle of water is in reality a fix of ice. Your brakes are futile, as your vehicle gradually pirouettes like an ice skater and nimbly skims into a utility pole. Your front guard is scratched and marked. Also, you are humiliated.

What amount does it cost to repair a bumper? Around $900 for a replacement, and $450 for a repair. Also, if you plan on passing the Uber inspection or Lyft inspection, its critical that your repair your bumper ASAP.

The cost gets a new bumper, or to fix one, is high since they are a piece of a perplexing framework. Experts must unplug lights, warning systems, air bag mechanisms, trim, and even other connected devices, then the guard must be repaired if able. If not, another one must be prepared, painted and attached.

Self-Fixing: If the harm is negligible, you might have the capacity to repair the guard yourself with a couple of ordinary instruments.

Auto Protection Coverage: If you included collision coverage when purchasing auto protection, it would deal with your repair, subject to your deductible. On the off chance that you additionally harmed the utility pole, as required by law, liability would pay for that repair. Keep in mind that your protection doesn’t begin to pay out until you’ve surpassed your deductible sum. So if the cost of repairs is lesser than your deductible, there is little motivation to make a claim. Regardless of the possibility that the repair expenses are $600, and your deductible is $500, you might need to pay out-of-pocket instead of making a claim for $100 and conceivably causing an expansion in future auto protection rates.

2. Profound Paint Scratches Repair Costs 

Paint Scratch Repair Cost: $50 – $1,500

You had an extraordinary day at the Hockey game. Your team won in the last period, and you’re ecstatic. Shockingly, one of the other team’s steadfast fans did not welcome the fan-stylistic layout on your vehicle. You approach your car only to find that your paint job has been ‘colorfully’ decorated by this steadfast fan’s keys.

What amount does it cost to repair broad paint damage? $50 to $1,500

Self-Fix: If you’re willing to acknowledge a not as much as flawless repair, you might have the capacity to shroud the scratches yourself with a touch up pen.

In the event that you need an expert, flawless job. You are looking to pay anywhere from $800 to $1,500 to make profound scratches vanish. Why so costly? Contingent upon the auto, the whole part may require substitution if the scratch is too profound. Likewise, auto paint is exceptionally costly, with a price of $50 to $300 for two ounces. Coordinating a vehicle’s shading can gouge your pockets like the keys to your door.

Auto Protection Coverage: In the event of vandalism, you can file a claim if you have the comprehensive coverage, based on your deductible. This is optional coverage, so study your policy and consider including this protection on the off chance that you don’t as of now have it. Claims for vandalism are to be supported by a police report filed by you as the owner. If you are in the parking lot of the Hockey stadium, or in your own driveway, as soon as you notice any vandalism damage make sure you file a report with the local police department.

3. Shattered or Damaged Windshield Repair Costs

Damaged Windshield Repair Cost: $Free – $300

You’re cruising down a twisting street in your fast little sports car, having a fabulous time until you meet a large hauling truck that is taking up the entire roadway. You ease closer while you prepare to pass, then the large haul answers back with gravel from their oversized load, giving your windshield the decoration of spider web cracks.

What amount does it cost to repair a broke windshield? From $200 to $500

Costs for replacing or repairing your windshield are dependent on the size of the crack as well as the model and make of your vehicle. Extensive dings and cracks in your windshield can’t be fixed, which calls for a replacement, however the smaller cracks can be patched for under $100.

Self-Fix: There are methods of fixing the windshield yourself if you find the expenses of professional work to be too great.

Auto Coverage: The repair or replacement of your windshield is generally covered by comprehensive coverage. On the off chance that you live in Florida, Kentucky, South Carolina, and certain others, you are not required to pay a deductible. In the event that you have it repaired, most insurance providers defer the deductible for these little, however essential, fixes.

4. Suspension Repair Costs 

Suspension Repair Cost: $300 – $5,000

You’re driving to work, drinking an espresso while you hold a donut on your leg. As you take a sip of your espresso, you fail to noticed a giant pothole as your tire slams into it. Your coffee douses your lap as your donut flies against your steering column. The suspension of your vehicle is now damaged.

What amount does it cost to repair pothole damage? Around $300.

In order to repair your suspension yourself, you are looking at about $200 dollars for a shock absorber change, a complete replacement will cost upwards to $5000. This is all dependent on the extent of the damage, the model and make, and the year of the car. Also you are reliant on your own auto repairing capabilities. Pothole damage costs US driver 3 billion dollars per year.

Auto Coverage: To escape conceivably high expenses, make certain you invest in protection against collision, and medical coverage or individual harm assurance for that coffee spill.

In the event that you don’t have coverage for collisions, you can check whether there is an approach to make a claim against the state or neighborhood organization that is in charge of road repairs. On the off chance that the pothole was there for some time and has already been made aware of to the organization or state, you may have a case and can also make a claim or even lawsuit. Also, its wise to know the history of a vehicle before purchasing used cars to ensure you don’t receive a vehicle that already has suspension damage.

5. Damage to the Rear

Read End Damage Repair Cost: $300 – $10,000

An adorable little squirrel crosses the street before you, as you stop for the furry jaywalker, the tail-gating neighbor of yours rams into the rear end of your car. Seeing as how his truck sits higher, the bumper proceeds to crush the trunk of your small car. While your furry daredevil is unharmed, your back and neck are now in pain.

What is the average cost of rear end repair? An arm and leg.

It is hard to quote an average rear end repair cost since it can extend from a couple of hundred dollars for a basic guard repair to more than $10,000 for massive framework issues. What’s more, keep in mind your bodily damages, claims for normal whiplash, $9,900.

Auto Coverage: If your lead-footed neighbor has liability, his coverage ought to pay to repair your vehicle. It ought to likewise repay you for your doctor’s visit expenses, lost work, and different harms you endure because of this mishap.

In the event that he is lacking coverage, your own insurance should act as a backup plan to pay for your medicinal claim. However, this is only if you have the optional coverage for under insured or uninsured bodily injury. Your vehicle would require uninsured driver property harm coverage (if the other party was uninsured) or impact coverage, which pays with little respect to who is to blame.


Repairing your vehicles bodily issues is just one reason to have decent coverage. Make sure you compare auto quotes, in order make sure you have the needed coverage for the lowest rates. Stay tuned for more from the expert collision repair specialists at Impact Auto Body!