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Are you searching for “Chrysler Collision Repair” or Chrysler Certified Body Shop” in Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe or Chandler, Arizona, while looking for collision repair facilities? If so, Impact Auto Body can help!

Impact Auto Body is a family owned and operated FCA Certified Chrysler Collision Repair facility in Mesa, Arizona. Give us a call today at (480) 325-5035!

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Chrysler Collision Repair & Parts


Chyrsler Certified OEM Collision Repair Parts Mesa

No matter where the road might take you, you have the choice to be safe no matter what. We only use certified collision repair parts that are manufactured, designed, and engineered exclusively for Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep & FIAT vehicles – so your vehicle can function and look as it should.

  • The parts will install with a good-as-new fit
  • Parts are tested to keep you safe
  • The utilize the same paint, coatings and materials to match your vehicle’s finish
  • Parts maintain the same amount of protection from corrosion and durability as your vehicle did when it was brand new
  • They help keep your automobile’s resale value after an accident

Learn About Mopar Auto Body Repair


Watch the video below to learn about how Mopar Certified Repair Parts provide peace of mind for your driving.

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Types Of Chyrsler Collision Damage We Repair


Below we list a few of the different types of Chrysler collision damage we repair.

Collision Damage


Auto collision happen, it’s just a fact of life. It doesn’t matter whether it was mechanical or driver failure, even a auto collision at low speeds can cause pretty significant damage. Built in crumple zones on your car are mostly the culprit for so much damage at low speeds, but these safety features help protect you from being injured.

Collision damage can happen to your body panels, brakes, steering and many of parts of your vehicle. Plus, your frame or anybody can become bent, which creates a whole new load of safety issues. Although, modern body shops like Impact Auto Body has the right tools and technology to get your frame straightened, parts replaced and body repaired to get your back out on the road.

Weather Damage


For Mesa, Arizona and the rest of the Phoenix Valley, we all know that dust and sun are a very big problem when it comes to damage on your automobile. The constant dust and harsh sun can damage paint very quickly. Although, this is a problem that is fixable. Damaged paint can be repaired by sanding and repainting. In the most extreme cases, the affected section can actually be replaced and painted to match color.

Dings & Dents


The most common cause of dings and dents are shopping cars and car doors opening. In either case, these dings and dents can be repaired. From large to small dents, nothing is too big for Impact Auto Body. In the most extreme cases, an entire panel might need to be replaced.

Paint Scratches


Paint scratches are very common. Some small scratches can actually be taken care of yourself. However, if you have an extra large scratch, that might require the help of a professional such as Impact Auto Body.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


I was rear ended on the freeway and the other driver took off with out taking responsibility. The amount of damage sustained was very significant, about $5,000 worth. Since Impact is right around the corner from my home, I thought I would swing in and get an estimate on the damage. They were able to provide one right on the spot and were very honest. They even pointed out damage that I hadn’t noticed. When I got home, I immediately started reading reviews on them. I knew right away that I was dealing with a top notch firm. I read several reviews and almost all of them were very positive. The ones that were negative, the owners of Impact contacted and made right. The owners even made a point to thank those who provided a positive review. Most of the time, reviews fall on deaf ears (good or bad) and the owners of the company could care less. There customer service as well as their desire to make their customers happy was the number ONE reason I chose Impact. Since I had to pay my insurance deductible to get my truck repaired, I opted not to rent a car. I let them know and asked them if there was any way to get the repairs done any sooner than estimated. They were able to get it done in about half the time saving me from lots of frustration of operating with only one car. My truck came back looking better than when I dropped it off!! Thanks Impact Auto Body – I would recommend you to any one who needs auto body work.
James ECollision RepairMesa, Arizona

Certified Chrysler Body Shop


We are a certified Chrysler body shop offering collision repair services on Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, Mopar and SRT.


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