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Frame Straightening & Unibody Repair Mesa, AZ - Impact Auto Body

Have you recently been in a major accident involving your vehicle?

Here at Impact Auto Body, we provide Frame Straightening & Unibody Repair services in Mesa, Arizona we can take your injured vehicle, perform frame straightening and Unibody repair to it and make it well again. Our frame straightening and unibody specialists have years of experience in straightening out the dents, torn folded metal, smashed and creased, and mangled vehicles that have been in serious accidents, making them the same as you had before that accident occurred.

Has a collision caused the frame of your vehicle damage?

Ever wonder why your vehicle doesn't feel quite the same after collision repair? Read on, to learn the reason for this.

After having an accident and your vehicle has been repaired, you may have had the feeling that something just wasn't right. Well, those feelings might be correct. Too many vehicles have damage that go undetected or they just wasn't repaired correctly.

You may notice that the vehicle is steering to one side or another and doesn't drive straight anymore, or simply feels out of whack. Many car owners come to us and say "it just doesn't feel the way it used to." One of the reasons this happens is because there are lots of body shops that are not experienced in straightening the vehicles frame.

In today's busy world with all the competition many businesses offer frame straightening as a side business, which can be great because they may charge you a lot less. On the other hand, they probably don't have professional technicians doing the job, have a lack of experience, and don't have the proper equipment, resulting in, a lower bill, but also a vehicle that's unprofessionally done with poor results and the possibility that any damage to your frame that wasn't correctly repaired could later cause you to be in another accident.

Body on frame & unibody construction, there are different types:

There are two different types of construction when it comes to automobiles, they are body on frame and unibody. The body on frame type is mostly for SUVs' and trucks, and the unibody is mostly for cars and the (smaller) crossover SUV's. However, some vehicles consist of both types of construction, such as Jeep Cherokees.

Each vehicle's frame has multiple functions.

1. The frame is the main part of the vehicles structure, everything else has to line-up to and fit the frame properly. The frame also defines what the dimensions of the vehicle are.

2. When a vehicle is designed it is done so that the frame will be able to provide protection in case of accidents.

It is intended to crumble and bend in specific areas, absorbing the majority of the damage to help in the protection of the people in it by taking as much of the damage from the passenger compartment as possible.

What's considered frame damage?

Most major accidents will cause some type of frame damage to a vehicle, even a minor accident can cause frame damage. Even if it is only the bumper that receive a dent or got crushed, the damage may require a total replacement of that part. The damage on the bumper could be enough to cause the entire frame rail to have to be replaced.

Repairing the frame consist of straightening and being able to restore the vehicles frame components to its normal dimensions, and still have the strength that it originally did. The metal can become hard where it was bent in the accident causing the molecules to push together, in order to fix this a process called stress relief has to be performed by a specialist. The specialist will rearrange the molecules back to the initial position, this restores the steel to its normal strength.

What is done to repair frame damage?

Repairing the frame is performed on a frame machine, it is a platform that the vehicle is clamped to. It uses hydraulic rams that pulls as much as twenty-thousand pounds with a great force. It also involves a measuring system for the dimensions. This is a system that consist of lasers and reflective targets, and can get the dimensions correct to within one-millimeter.

The frame specialist can monitor the pull as it is happening to keep everything as it should be. The specialist has to watch everything very closely, keeping an eye on all three dimensions: the width, height, and length. After the alignment has been accomplished the other parts will fit in position correctly, making driving it again safe.

Being involved in an auto accident can be a traumatic ordeal. We strive to provide you with a favorable experience. Please read our reviews & check out our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau!

We provide Frame Straightening and Unibody Repair in the following Mesa Zip Codes: 85215, 85207, 85203, 85213, 85281, 85201, 85205, 85283, 85202, 85210, 85204, 85206, 85208, 85120, 85209, 85234, 85233, 85212, 85124

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